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Everyone on Earth has a message to bring.
Some messages are quite substantial and critical.
Some messages have "legs" and pure essence.
While everyone potentially bears a message from God, some are Messengers of high achievement, who deserve spelling it with a "capital M": Messengers of God.
You are invited to examine the claims of all messengers of God and any who make that claim. Not only individual persons but also fragments of teachings, words of the Wise to the Wise, are considered here.
This messenger of God wiki seeks all clear expressions of divine wisdom.
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This messenger of God wiki will rely heavily on the substantial contribution towards defining the role and qualifications of a Messenger from God given through Marshall Vian Summers, a contemporary Messenger. His work calls for the reconciliation of all religious war, so let it begin with us, and tolerate all sincere understanding, no matter how limited.
Messengers of God can come from any walk of life.
Some do establish a commanding legacy. These are the ones with truly original insight and actually replicable results.
God is always speaking.
The voice of God is not only heard in proclamation, but also whispered in the street.
Voices that come from ordinary people and also gifted artists and scientists, they are also expressing what can be called the Knowledge factor. They know something, and they also communicate it in a finally helpful way.
This wiki seeks any pages on topical concerns and themes, as well as individuals and their establishments.
any religious tradition practiced at any time on Earth
other cultural expressions that evoke the divine--song, story: what's "epic"
the sciences

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Stubs of pages are started for Bahá'u'lláh, L. Ron Hubbard, Sun Myung Moon, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, Marshall Vian Summers, with more to come.

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"The recognition of the Hierarchy assigns all power and authority beyond any society." --Secrets of Heaven, No. 92